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Real-Time Activity

Watch real-time listings and sales on OpenSea

Real-Time OpenSea NFT Activity

With the SuperSea extension you can keep track of the real-time activity of listings and sales to catch them right as they happen, faster than OpenSea's default activity view. Click the blue Activity button in the header menu to open it up.

Pending Transaction Tracking

Note: The pending transaction feature is currently disabled, due to the costs of keeping it running being far greater than the income from SuperSea. We'll be looking into ways to bring it back in the future.
Premium members will also see any pending transactions that are ongoing for any given listing. Clicking on one will allow you to trigger a quick buy of that item and automatically outbid the highest gas to prioritize your transaction first.
You can see the number of total pending transactions for a collection at the to of the activity modal, to get a better understanding of how many people are currently trying to buy.
Once you start a quick buy purchase in the activity modal, we display the pending transaction in the bottom bar so you can keep track of if you're about to get outbid on gas.
In the lower right corner you'll find the block timer, which helps you time your transactions well when competing with others. We recommend reading more about this in Transaction Timing.