Rarity Ranks

See ranks for NFTs as soon as they reveal

NFT Rarity Ranks on Reveal

With the SuperSea extension you'll be able to see the rarity rank of NFTs as soon as they reveal, before most other marketplaces and platforms have started displaying them. Ranks are visible for premium members on both OpenSea and other supported marketplaces.

Rank Colors

All ranks are divided in to tiers and color coded to make them easier to recognize at a quick glance.
The rarities are:
  • Legendary (Orange), top 0.1%
  • Epic (Purple), top 1%
  • Rare (Blue), top 10%
  • Uncommon (Green), top 50%
  • Common (White/Gray), bottom 50%

Rarity Sorting and Trait Filters

You can sort NFTs by our rarity ranks by navigating to the SuperSea tab on any collection, found to the right of the OpenSea Activity tab.
Use the price and rarity settings to filter down the results here. You can also use this tab to filter by traits, well before they've all been indexed by OpenSea.

Trait Count Score

Ranking scores are calculated both with and without accounting for trait count rarity. We show a warning if there happens to be a rarity tier difference between the two ranking modes.
By clicking on the rank number, you can choose to toggle if the trait count score should be included with the rarity calculation for that collection.

Request Ranking

If a collection hasn't already been ranked, you can use the SuperSea bot in our Discord to trigger our system to rank the collection. Type the command /request and enter the OpenSea url for the collection. As long as all the NFT metadata has been made available, the ranking will finish within less than a minute.

Ranking Methodology

Our rarity ranks are generated by a standardized scoring algorithm based purely on the traits in the NFTs metadata. We also take in to account the trait count, which is usually what collections on do as well. SuperSea is not an official authority for the rarity of NFTs. Please understand that our reported rank could be inaccurate for a number of reasons:
  • There's a bug in our code.
  • The collection has been ranked before all metadata was revealed.
  • The collection had its metadata updated after we ranked it.
  • The community does not consider a standardized scoring algorithm based on combined trait rarity to be an accurate representation of what is a sought-after item in the given collection.
Never make a purchasing decision based on our reported rank alone, always do your own due diligence. We recommend you to use the score breakdown, accessed by clicking the rank text, to judge if we've produced a reasonable rank based on the traits.