Quick Buy

Quickly buy something without the extra OpenSea confirmation steps

OpenSea NFT Quick Buy

Premium members of the SuperSea extension have access to our Quick Buy button, which allows you to directly buy an NFT without going through OpenSea's extra confirmation steps.
Clicking the button will open up MetaMask directly where you can confirm the transactions. You can also set a gas fee preset so you don't have to spend time on changing it for the transaction in MetaMask.
The Optimal gas setting is only available to our Founding Members. It will always use the optimal amount of gas to have a 99% likelyhood for the transaction to be included within the next mined block. For more on configuring your gas for the best results, please take a look at our Gas Settings guide.

Enabling Quick Buy

To use Quick Buy on OpenSea, you'll first need to enable it from the extension settings (click the SuperSea icon in your browser's extension toolbar). Make sure to read our disclaimer before doing so.