Frequently asked questions

I bought a subscription/membership token but the features are still locked, why?

SuperSea uses cookies to authorize membership-only features. Your browser might sometimes block this cookie from being used on OpenSea and other websites, which prevents the SuperSea extension from activating your membership. Please follow this guide to get around the issue: Enable Third-Party Cookies.

What's the difference between the membership types?

Visit our website to view a table of differences between the free, subscription, lifetime membership, and founding membership types.

Do I need to hold the Lifetime/Founding Membership token in the same wallet that I use on OpenSea?

No, you only need to connect with the wallet holding the token on, after which you'll get a cookie that lasts for 28 days that grants access to that browser regardless of which wallet you have connected on OpenSea.

What do the different rarity colors mean?

  • Legendary (Orange), top 0.1%
  • Epic (Purple), top 1%
  • Rare (Blue), top 10%
  • Uncommon (Green), top 50%
  • Common (White/Gray), bottom 50%
You can hover the rank to see what rarity the color represents, or click on it to get a breakdown of the rank.

On which platforms does SuperSea work?

While most of the SuperSea features are only available when browsing OpenSea, we also have support for displaying our rarity cards on SudoSwap and Gem.

Is the extension safe to use?

The most important thing to understand when it comes to the security of your MetaMask wallet is that malicious code can never send a transaction for you, without you first having confirmed it in the MetaMask popup window. As such, our extension (or any other website) can never directly extract money from your wallet without your interaction. A couple more points on the safety of our code:
  • Chrome Web Store reviews every extension that is listed to keep bad actors away
  • All of the code is open and available to view on GitHub
  • Our extension never executes any remote code, so there's no attack vector for outside parties to inject anything malicious
You also have an option of playing it safe by using the SuperSea extension in a completely isolated Chrome profile which doesn't have MetaMask installed.

How long does it take for a collection to get ranked after reveal?

Once a collection has uploaded their metadata, you can request it to be ranked with our ranking command /request <opensea_url> in the #ranking-requests channel in our Discord. You can also queue it up to automatically rank it after detecting the reveal has happened, with /queue-unrevealed <opensea_url>. If the metadata is hosted in a location where our servers can download it quickly, the ranking process should only take a few seconds.

Why does the rank differ from other services/platforms?

Our rarity ranks are generated by a standardized scoring algorithm based purely on the traits in the NFTs metadata. We also take in to account the trait count, which is usually what collections on do as well. SuperSea is not an official authority for the rarity of NFTs. Please understand that our reported rank could be inaccurate for a number of reasons:
  • There's a bug in our code.
  • The collection has been ranked before all metadata was revealed.
  • The collection had its metadata updated after we ranked it.
  • The community does not consider a standardized scoring algorithm based on combined trait rarity to be an accurate representation of what is a sought-after item in the given collection.
Never make a purchasing decision based on our reported rank alone, always do your own due diligence. We recommend you to use the score breakdown, accessed by clicking the rank text, to judge if we've produced a reasonable rank based on the traits.

Can I claim two free Lifetime Tokens if I buy a Founding Membership Token from OpenSea?

You'll have to check in the contract if the claims are still available for that token, go to our contract on Etherscan and enter the id of the founder token in input field under 6. checkClaimedForMembership.

Which browsers does SuperSea support?

We mainly recommend using SuperSea on Chrome, but it should work on Brave as well. No other browsers are currently supported.