Transaction Timing

Use knowledge about Ethereum block timing to outsnipe others

Ethereum Block Timing

When Ethereum transitioned from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake (the Merge), blocks went from being processed at a variable rate to being processed exactly every 12 seconds. In the SuperSea Activity modal, you'll find a timer that shows you exactly when a block is scheduled to be processed:
By understanding how transactions are prioritized (see Gas Settings), you can aim to place well-timed purchases to outsnipe someone else right before a block slot closes.

Well-timed Purchases

Between every block slot of 12 seconds, it doesn't matter when during that time a transaction was sent to be processed. As explained in Sniping & Priority Fees, the only thing that matters is the priority fee. Because of this, it's always the most beneficial to try to have your transaction sent as close as possible to the end of the current block slot. This prevents other actors from trying to front-run your purchase with a higher priority fee, and it gives you the most amount of time to see if you could be front-running someone else.
Use our handy quick buy feature to outbid the current highest gas, and try to do so at the very end of the block slot. With some practice, you'll soon become a master listing sniper. You can use our sniping breakdown website Sniped to analyze your own snipes and show them off to the world!
Note: The pending transaction feature is currently disabled, due to the costs of keeping it running being far greater than the income from SuperSea. We'll be looking into ways to bring it back in the future.